More so onward than backward

Trajectory is a forthcoming game system. Mostly a larp. Mostly. More details over 2017.

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These are launchpads. They're rough sketches of a universe, and may contain details that don't make it all the way through to the game. They're presented in order written. Titles may not remain either.


  • What We Can Do Together
  • Our Manefest Genetic Destiny
  • Grand Romantic Schemes


They're not races, not really. But they're not classes either. Consider it a Lineage, in a way. I'm calling them Paths, for now. They're not skillsets, either.

  • The Lintilian - Define 'mortality', exactly.
  • The Improved - Buddy can you spare a degree?
  • The Equality - The New Normal
  • The Seed - Beta living through modern science
  • The Destiny - Everything you could ever be

The Syndicates

These are where the factions are: Your Own Space Ship

  • Betterment - Advancement of Science
  • Jone's Frontier - Your Safety is Our Paycheque
  • Second Reconnaissance - The Improvements of History
  • The Council for Social Enrichment - Enhancing the form of society
  • The Grand Unified Exchange - Your Money Is Our Business
  • The New Homestead Society - Every Place a Home
  • The Polity - Caravan Administration


  • This is intended as gender-equal setting, gendered language is used by example and narrative, but if we fuck up the balance, that's a bug